Katarina Peregine

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: Karen Ferguson Johnson
Elevated by: Edmund & Kateryn
Elevation Date: 2017-05-05

Member of the Marche of Gwyntarian, in the Barony of Brendoken. Presently, Chatelaine, Marche of Gwyntarian. Editorial contributor, Middlewiki. On occasion: Feast prep crew since 1989 for Oaken cooks, particularly what is now known as Team Anubis. Waterbearer. Instructor (Mr. Pen is Your Friend, You CAN Illuminate), A&S Night Coordinator, Marche of Gwyntarian. Formerly: Kingdom Chronicler, Midrealm. SCA 50 Year Social Media Director. Designer/copywriter SCA, Inc. recruitment brochures. Oaken Regional Chronicler. Gwyntarian seneschal. Deputy to the Kingdom Webminister. Deputy to the Kingdom Chronicler. Deputy to the Kingdom Chatelaine. Special Projects Manager, Society Chatelaine. Public Demonstration Coordinator, Marche of Gwyntarian. Chatelaine/Deputy, Brendoken, Public Demonstrations. Content Editor/Provider, midrealm.org. Retinue, Edmund and Kateryn III, IV, V. Event steward: Coronations, Crown Tournament (Dag & AnneMarie II), RUM, local events.