Halla of Mugmort

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Halle Snyder
Group: Kingdom of the Middle
Elevated by: Nikolai and Serena
Elevation Date: 2015-09-26

I was placed on Vigil at Kingdom A&S 2015 by Rangvaldr and Arabella III, and elevated on September 26, 2015 by Nikolai and Serena.

My commitment to Arts and Sciences service is constant and comprehensive. My Motto is Service in Art, and Art in Service. I have served closely under many good and productive Midrealm KMOAS, and I will use all the best practices from each of them to be a good KMOAS who increases and prospers the Arts and Sciences activities of the Midrealm during my tenure until Kingdom A&S 2019.

Some of my KMOAS projects include a new procedure for keeping A&S Faire Criteria updated, commencing with a complete review of all Criteria, revamping the Craftspersons Faires as a vehicle for developing A&S Warpoint artisans, developing a set of A&S rules in conjunction with the Marshallate for live action Martial arts Faires, and creating and revising some of the MOAS and tallyroom documentation.

As a new person in the SCA many years ago, I was introduced to service through doing demos for the local public schools, so A&S service has always been a part of my game. I was able find a niche with the A&S tallyroom crew around 2002, and eventually found my mentor there in Master Vorlin. I have been an entrant and a judge many times, and have served in every role in the tallyroom, Ogre, Adding Table, Runner, Data Entry, Judges and Entrants Check In. even serving as an Admin when we had to split the crew for multiple Faires on one day. I served as Judges Coordinator for two years, and helped to develop a method to schedule entries and judges to make Faire day go more smoothly.

Before I was KMOAS Midrealm, I was the Special Deputy Judges Coordinator, I have served as an officer at local, Baronial and Regional levels: RMOAS North Oaken, BMOAS Middle Marches, Signet Middle Marches, and Chatelaine for the Shire of Mugmort.

I also love to support other kinds of A&S emphasis events, I have been the co-Autocrat for events such as Baronial 12th Night, and Slavic University, as well as lending my support to a bid for a Known World Dance event while I was RMOAS.

At Pennsic 46, 2017 I took two Proteges, Freeman the Minstrel and Finnguala Ingen Ui HAirt. Both of these relationships are predicated on friendship, and our mutual service to and through the Arts, especially Music.

My Household, Holt Heroetes, has a strong tradition of service to the Crown. I am also a Sister of the Gilded Bees. I perform with Bardic Storm and Spirits of the Season.