Gunnar Sigurdsson

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Tom Cherry
Group: Barony of Middle Marches, Region of North Oaken
Elevated by: Cadogan and AnnMarie
Elevation Date: 2015-04-18

Gunnar is a late 10th-Century Icelander, and immigrated in the second wave of Settlement around 995CE. He is well-traveled, with friends among the Celts, Normans and Saxons, in addition to close ties to his native Norway. He cultivated a lasting friendship with the Mongols of the Great Dark Horde during travels in the Far East, and was invited to join their number as a Brother of the House. He is also a member of House Vexillarius. When not on an expedition, Gunnar tends his flocks and fields along the north central coast of Iceland.

My areas of interest in the SCA are event planning, group administration, communications and event photography; brewing; and the arts martial.

I was a Protege to Mistress Brise Sanguin, and was elevated by Cadogan and AnnMarie at Grand Tournament of the Unicorn on April 18, A.S. 49. I was a Squire to Sir Ragnar Karlsson until my elevation.

The image of my heraldry was created by Eva vanOldebroek for my Grant of Arms scroll.