Dafydd Blaidd

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Dave Majors
Elevated by: Finn III and Tamara I
Elevation Date: 2000-04-01

"What a wonderful bird is the Pelican,

His bill can hold more than his belly can

He can take in his beak food enough for a week

But I'm damned if I see how the hell 'e can."

  • mis-attributted to Ogden Nash

I was elevated on April Fool's Day in 2000. Should I read anything into that?

What do I think a Pelican is?

I only really thought about this after having been elevated. When I am looking at someone as a potential candidate, I look at several criteria:

  • Do they have the head, heart, and soul of a servant to the Society and Crown? -Is service not their 'second' nature, but rather their first? Can they not just do work, but actually lead and inspire others to do service?
  • Do they make a difference? - This is sometimes called the "hole" test. If this person were to immediately leave for one reason or another, how big would be the hole they would leave? If this person were never in the SCA what would be different?
  • Are they a good example to others? - If a new person were to ask me, "How should I do X?", can I point to this person and say "Do it like they do". Can I look to this person and say, "That's how people should be"? These are what I call their 'Peerlike Qualities'.
  • Do they have fun? - This may seem trivial to some but I am of the opinion that if what you are doing in the SCA is not fun (for the most part)...stop. If someone is working their tail off doing something that they don't like, it seems to me that they are likely doing it to get the recognition or the "dangly". In this case, what happens when they are recognized? All the hard work stops and they bask in their own light for the world to see.
  • Do they cause more good than harm? - Visc. Myles Blackheath, KSCA, OP told me at my vigil, "When looking at a potential candidate, look at their service rendered:chaos engendered ratio" I like that statement so much that I steal it whenever I can.

Although I previously declined to take proteges, I have since rethought my position and now I have several proteges. They are:

Olaf Brekebalde - (inactive)

Lady Geneviefve de Chenonceaux

Duchess Sabine de Rouen - Sabine was elevated at Harvest Day in 2007.

Baron Alexander Kyppyn Kirkcaldy, KSCA - Kyppyn was elevated at Fall Crown Tournament in 2008.

Baroness Christiana de Burgh - Elevated at Harvest Days in 2017.

Baroness Finepopla Gunnarswif - Will be elevated at Christmas Tourney in 2017.