Tamara di Firenze
Calligraphy & Illumination

Order of the Laurel

Modern Name: Tamara Griggs
Specialties: Calligraphy & Illumination
Elevated by: Ragnvaldr & Arabella II
Elevation Date: 2002-02-02

Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

My first SCA event was Candlemas 1991. It was my great joy to be elevated there 11 years later by TRM Ragnvalder & Arabella, after having the honor to be placed on vigil at the 30th Pennsic War by TRM Bardolph and Brigh.

I was honored to wear the belt of protégé to Baroness Fiona Averyille O'Conor of Maidenhead, a very great lady who is sadly no longer with us. (But there are some wonderful stories- she had a wicked sense of humor!) She wore the belt of Charles Stewart O'Conor, who wore the belt of John of Outman, who was in turn the dependant of Merowald de Sylveaston

I specialize in dark scrollwork, specifically late period German or French with dark backgrounds.

I am also proficient in glass enamel (I can do the real thing. I prefer the fake stuff for security of the piece and cost of the firing) and I like to costume, but must profess an unshakeable base in theatrical costuming that permeates everything I create. Through the faith and valor of my husband Finn, I have had the honor to sit the Dragon Throne. There is no job like it.

Modernly, I am a photographer and freelance writer, under the name Tamara Nicolai, and I am a blues bassist.

Feel free to come and talk to me at an event, or to reach me via e-mail. Scribal arts are by their nature solitary, and I am always happy to share what I know.