Name Specialty Group
Katherine von Schlosserwald Textiles, Costuming, Domestic, Cooking Kingdom of the Middle
Eva van Oldebroek Textiles Rimsholt, Canton of Andelcrag
Kay of Tre Asterium Textiles, Embroidery, Costuming, 14th C clothing, 16th C Counted Thread Techniques and Samplers. Kingdom of Atlantia
Gillian de Chyviot Textiles, Weaving, Fiber Arts Barony of Middle Marches
Jadwiga Wlodzislawska Textiles, Embroidery, Embroidery
Cerridwen verch Ioreword Textiles, Embroidery, Costuming, Clothing and Embroidery Kingdom of the Middle
Sarafina Sinclair Textiles, Costuming, Elizabethan Clothing Barony of Ayreton
Philippa Montague Textiles, Costuming, Tudor Clothing
Sarai Tindall Sogliano Textiles, Costuming, 14th Century Italian Clothing and Research Saint Brutus, College of Middle Marches
Constanza de Mendoza Textiles, Costuming, Experimental Archeology/Costuming Barony of Cleftlands
Zaynab Yasmine bint Hasan Textiles, Costuming, 16th Century Ottoman Clothing Barony of Andelcrag
Crespine de la Vallée Textiles, Embroidery, Costuming, 16th c. Tailoring, Needle Arts, Laundress Studies
Rannvaeig Orraamar Eskilskona Textiles, Costuming, Research, 10th Century Norse & Rus Clothing Kingdom of the Middle
Eleanor von Atzinger Textiles, Costuming, Weaving, Research
Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester Textiles, Technology, Studio, Domestic, 14th Century Life Pferdestadt, Canton of Middle Marches
Waldetrudis von Metten Textiles, Embroidery, Studio, Illumination, Domestic, Cooking, Domestic Arts - Cheese Making Barony of Sternfeld