Prisilka od Cerveny Kamen
Brewing & Vintning

Order of the Laurel

Modern Name: Priscilla J. Kucik
Specialties: Brewing & Vintning
Elevated by: Eliahu I & Elen I
Elevation Date: 1984-08-18

Mistress Prisilka the Sensible (Mistress Prisilka od Cerveny Kamen), a 14th century Slovak lady, migrated to Eforwic in AS X after her castle was taken by invaders. She travelled to Turkey to hire the Mongols as mercenaries, where she met a Jewish cartographer, Solomon ben Jacob. She married him and rode off with the Great Dark Horde to Jaravellir. They later settled in Caer Anterth Mawr. Through her business, Maiden Mongolia, she sold her ill-gotten booty from the finest Caravans crossing the Gobi Desert. After 28 years of married bliss, devastated by the loss of her soul mate, she continues to do medieval research in brewing and vinting.

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