Mordak Timofei'evich Rostovskogo
Moscovite Russian Clothing & Research

Order of the Laurel

Modern Name: Timothy P. Nalley
Specialties: Moscovite Russian Clothing & Research
Elevated by: Rangvaldr & Arabella
Elevation Date: 1999-09-18
Apprentice of: Fritz Bare

You can call me 'dok, though I’ll answer to many names! In the SCA I’m a retired Est Vik rower on the swan road in Rus, though now I portray that persona’s distant descendent, a 16th century Moscovite Russian persona of indeterminant origin and status with a shadey past but excellent future prospects. I am a Russian costumer specializing in furlined garments, pearling, couching, embroidery and costuming manuals mostly. These are free at under the heading Mordak's Closet, along with my many articles published in SLOVO, the quarterly newsletter of the Slavic Interest Group.

On a personal front, I have the notable Honor of sharing my life with my Lady, a charming, humorous and stressed 15th century Italian widow and her overactive, extremely willful brood. Look for me near a pretty redhead in Italian Renn., shooting archery with some youngsters, hanging out with the blackmiths or talking to friends at our merchant booth, East Meets West Emporium!

Who needs Heaven when Valhalla has cold beer, BBQ pork, big screen TVs and my Lady as the Head Budweiser Girl / Valkyrie!!!! Thats an eternity to die for.....