Lucia Elena Braganza

Order of the Laurel

Modern Name: Kathi Coutinho
Elevated by: William and Isolde
Elevation Date: 2017-09-09

Lucia Elena Beatrice di Mettenini a Firenza Braganza is one of the infamous oft-widowed Von Metten girls, but with two ex-es already turfed, she should be fairly safe. She doesn't have a well-developed persona, but likes Florence in the 1400's and tends to tag along after her good friend Francesca, who's teaching her the intricacies of Tuscan wines.

Lucia discovered the Pennsic Bardic Symposium in AS 38 and a big muckin' spear in AS 39. She is a devoted harmony junkie, and loves the magic when a good circle "clicks." She's fascinated by the tie between the bardic arts and SCA culture, and the ability for each to shape the other. She has way too many heroes, and more than half of the Amphisbaena Music CDs, which she is slowly committing to memory.

Kathi Coutinho has an occasional taste for high adventure and surprising people. She's been a weed-slayer for The Nature Conservancy, a cyberstalker for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, a trainer for Girl Scouts, and (currently) a paper-pusher for a van line. Her house is always cluttered, but always loves visitors.