Lucas Otto Gustav Oswald Stephen vom Schnecke
Scholarship in Historic Combat

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Timothy Lyon
Specialties: Scholarship in Historic Combat
Elevated by: Cellach and Vukasin
Elevation Date: 2018-01-20
Apprentice of: Patrick von Brandenburg

(Lucas Otto Gustaf Oswald Stephan vom Schnecke)
"Thousands of guys died figuring this out — show it some respect"

Date of Elevation:
20 January, 2018 (A.S. 52)

Other Middle Kingdom Awards:
Award of Arms — 17 Dec, 1977 (A.S. 12)
Order of Chivalry — Knight — 29 Oct, 1983 (A.S. 18)
Grant of Arms — 25 May, 1986 (A.S. 21)
Order of the Dragon's Heart — 24 Oct, 1987 (A.S. 22)
Order of the Pelican — 20 Aug, 1988 (A.S. 23)
Order of the Bronze Ring – 04 March, 2000 (A.S. 34)
Order of Defense - 04 July, 2015 (A.S. 50)
Kings Chalice - 25 March, 2017 (A.S. 51)
Order of the Willow - 10 June, 2017 (A.S. 52)
Royal Vanguard - 28 September, 2019 (A.S. 54)

Classes Offered:

Introduction to Italian Rapier

Feints and Invitations

Cloak and Rapier

Rotello and Sword
Bolognese Sword

The Four Fights of Silver
Body Mechanics
Late-period Costuming & Accessories
Late-period Fortification Science
Fast-and-dirty Latchet Shoes
The Renaissance War Galley
(and too many more to list)


About Sir LOGOS:
Sir LOGOS was born in Die Pfalz near Neckersteineck. He traveled extensively and fought in many campaigns on the continent. He studied under many masters, but primarily Hans Wilhem Stoffer von Dietz of Marburg who studied under Fabris. Tim Lyon is a technical writer with too many expensive hobbies including sailing, riding, and single malt scotch.