Helewyse de Birkestad
Studio, Ceramics and Pottery, Domestic, Brewing and Vinting, Cooking, Cookery & Pottery

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Louise Smithson
Specialties: Studio, Ceramics and Pottery, Domestic, Brewing and Vinting, Cooking, Cookery & Pottery
Elevated by: Felix and Madeleina
Elevation Date: 2004-09-25
Apprentice of: Hroar Svithandi

Home group: Barony of Ayreton, former landed Baroness of Red Spears (still a special place in my heart).

Personal: I play with both pottery and food spending much of my time translating recipes from Italian to English. My other interests include brewing meads and ales although I have far more experience with the former than the latter. Some of my research is now available through medieval cookery. http://www.medievalcookery.com/helewyse Much of my recent work can be found in google docs by following the link provided : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwlUX9M2aVZ_ZDBVa3FGcHZhZ00?usp=sharing

Current projects: Settling into my new home in IL and the Barony of Ayreton. Continuing my work on Scappi although a translation has been published in January of 2009, but not to mind there are lots and lots more untranslated Italian works to play with.

Recent exploits include experiments with 16th century Japanese ceramics.

Apprenti - if you think you'd like them to teach at your event contact me. I have some influence :-):

Lady Ulfheidhr Vigdisar dottir - my first apprentice, specializing in jewelry and bead making. Residing in Michigan near the Shire of Talonvale. Not currently active.

Lady Vashty bat Abraham - specializing in brewing (sodas) and cooking (middle eastern) with some distractions in costuming, inkle weaving and more. Residing in Red Spears, will teach and assist on request only.

Lord Godfrey Thacker of Northumberland - a very talented generalist, brewing (mead and beer), cooking, armor making, sewing, wood work, casting, C&I, etc. etc. Deceased.

Lord Eoghan o Siodhachain - major interest brewing beer and mead, turns out he's interested in baking, cheesemaking, leather working, armoring and some other stuff too. Currently living in China. Not pursuing SCA activities currently.

Lady Gwenllian verch Rhydderch Annwyl - another jewelry apprentice, specializing in enamelling and medeival jewelery. Located in Red Spears.

Lord Angelo Di Antonio Machiavelli - my newest cookery apprentice, done some awesome work cooking feasts in the field. Located in the Shire of Talonvale. Pursuing mundane activiites currently.

THL Gilebert le Braceeur squire to Count Alaric le Fevre. My first ceramics student. Exploring ceramic forms and period production technology.