Hauviette d'Anjou

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Channon Mondoux
Specialties: Cookery
Elevated by: Edmund III & Kateryn III
Elevation Date: 2001-03-31

Hauviette, aka Mu'Allima Umm Zubaida bint Wissam al Ahlam Master Cook of the Middle Kingdom has studied extensively the art and science of cooking within the period 100 AD through the 17th C, around the world. She writes extensively and creates feasts throughout the known world, attending and assisting in various Kingdoms. Joined by other Master Cooks, we hold bi-annually the Cook's Symposium a day centered on cooking, brewing, vintning, herbalism and all things related to food.

Although not laurelled in dance, I have studied period sources to recreate historically accurate performances in the genre of Islamic Spain, Turkey, Persia and other areas of the Near and Middle east. I have also studied with world renowned Helene Eriksen, one of the few dance ethnologists in this area.

In the everyday world, Channon Mondoux is author of "Celebration at the Sarayi" a multi media ecookbook on the cuisine of the Ottoman palace, a personal chef, food writer and teacher. Her hobbies including studying, teaching, promoting and performing world dance. She has three children and is married to a Knight of the Society.