Aline Swynbroke
Cooking, Research, Diverse Arts

Order of the Laurel

Modern Name: Rebecca von Groote
Specialties: Cooking, Research, Diverse Arts
Elevated by: Agememnon and Gwen (Calontir)
Elevation Date: 2014-12-13

Aline Swynbroke is the daughter of a fairly recently ennobled minor family raised in the vicinity of Canterbury, England. Due to the deaths of her brothers and her father, she became a ward of the crown and was given in marriage by the Black Prince, Edward of Woodstock, to a German mercenary favorite. Her husband now drags her around Europe from place to place, following battle and depositing her in safe convents, where she bothers the lay sisters in the kitchen and makes a nuisance of herself in their libraries.

Rebecca von Groote is a Higher Education administrator, working in the area of directed program recruitment. She has degrees in education, history, and law. When not spending her time as Aline, she reads, writes, cooks, and spends way too much time on Pinterest. Her personal life theory is that the cook who dies with the most gadgets wins. She lives with her husband, Peter, and their adorable cat, Amira.