Alan Fairfax
Religious Studies

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Alan Terlep
Specialties: Religious Studies
Group: Barony of Cynnabar, Region of Pentamere
Elevated by: Alaric and Noelle
Elevation Date: 2005-08-18
Apprentice of: Nicolaa de Bracton

I joined the SCA in AS XXII, in the Shire of Stormvale (which, at the time, was on the edge of the Known World). Since then I've spent time in Hawkland Moor, Cynnabar, and Grey Gargoyles before venturing into Mundania for about 10 years. I spent some time in the Barony of Shadowed Stars and came back to Cynnabar in AS LI. I was mostly a herald for my first 13 years in the Midrealm (and started the Academy of S Gabriel, which others carried to greater glory), and then began teaching classes on religious studies. Research and teaching about Western Christian religious practices and writing prose rooted in medieval tradition became my primary focus. I've got some competence as a bard and a cook, dabbled in other arts (including dyeing, brewing, costuming, and woodworking) and learned that I have no talent for a longer list. My secret wish is to become a spearman. I'm mostly 14th-century but I flirt with Elizabethan from time to time. Outside the SCA, I'm currently working for a company that provides software to churches, but I have a wide range of past and future careers.