Adam Comyn

Order of Defense

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Modern Name: Adam Zabell
Group: Barony of Sternfeld, Region of Constellation
Elevated by: Ragnvaldr III and Arabella III
Elevation Date: 2015-09-19

Adam Comyn is a late 1500s nobleman born in Scotland but residing and fighting in the Kingdom of Naples during the Italian wars. Something of an amateur historian, and longing for simpler times, his scholarship has focused on the early history of his adopted kingdom, with a particular fascination for the years surrounding the great Vesuvian eruption of 1139. If seen in the armor of war, he often wears that 12c costume.

I've studied some Gigante, Agrippa, and Meyer, but I've been most pleased by the work I've done with the 'unknown master' Guletera Gnostyl and the four (and counting) completely serious translations of his approach to the fight. This year I'm studying Naples in the year 1590, shortly after the Spanish and English Armadas each lost their way, and right when Prince Carlo Gesualdo stood accused of a double murder.

Topics from prior years of study

  • the theory of teaching (often called pedagogy)
  • the history and practice of the duel

I love teaching. I'll show you how to stab, but I'm just as happy to talk about calligraphy, the apennine peninsula, Naples throughout history, heraldry, the culture of fighting and of the SCA, and the story of charging the ribaldo.