William Ransom

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Jeffrey Winfield
Elevated by: Edmund and Kateryn
Elevation Date: 1996-08-16

Although never a squire I was extremely fortunate to receive training from many Knights in my region most notably Syr Theodoric Von Rostoc. It was he who later begged the boon from the crown for my Knighting.

During my elevation at Pennsic Great Court HRM Kateryn girded me with the white belt and HRM Edmund dubbed me a knight with my own sword as the King's Champion had temporarily stepped off the dais taking Oathbinder along with him.

Before I was knighted I served as King's Champion for HRM Tarquin the Red, as Standard Bearer for the Barony of the Cleftlands and XO for the North Oaken Army. I never fought as an Unbelted Champion at Pennsic or entered a Crown Tournament until after I was knighted.

In recent years problems with my back have prevented me from participating in combat in any meaningful way.

I live ~30 minutes east of Cleveland, OH with my wife Baroness Mistress Seadna O'Bainainn, OP and my two young sons Robert and Charles.