William of Bellwood

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Larry Bell
Elevated by: Moonwulf II
Elevation Date: 1981-11-07

AoA 23 July 1977 KSCA 7 November 1981 Silver Oak 20 March 1982 Dragon's Heart 19 November 1988 Baron 18 March 1995 Court Baron 19 July 1997 Calontir Order of the Sword of Calontir (Principal) 26 Sept 1981 Order of the Silver Hammer (Principal) 29 July 1978 Huscarl (2nd) 3 Sept 1978 A bit of ancient history ... I authorized in sword and sheild in July 1976 against HRM Albert von Dreckenvelt and Sir Nubbin Keshran. I was squired to Sir Polidor Haraldsson. Recently I have been active in equestrian activities and am our group equestrian marshal.