Robert Downey

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Robert Roach
Elevated by: Cellach and Vukasin
Elevation Date: 2014-04-19

I€™m Robert Downey. Pleased to meet you! I have an armor problem, and tend to LOVE themed battles, (Combat of the 30, Saracens Vs. Crusaders, 1066 battle, etc,) so you may see me in various types of armor on the field. I also fight Rapier, Cut and Thrust, and Rattan every chance I get, so you could find me on any of these fields. I am particularly fond of Deeds of Arms, where good Men and Women of coat armor challenge themselves to some worthy Knightly enterprise. These things make me salivate! I am a fan of heraldry, so I try to mark my presence appropriately. I will also post pictures of various armours that I wear here, so that I can be identified. Why would I want to be so recognizable? Because I want to meet you, of course! And I really like fighting with the people I meet! The majority of time, the clothes or armor I wear is based upon the material culture available to a Scottish Knight of minor holding, on campaign in the service of France against the English somewhere around 1375. I am a Principle Knight of the Company of the Black Swan, a Company that participates in the SCA, and other Chivalric organizations. Our motto is €œQuaero Magnatudine€ which boldly admonishes us to €œSeek Greatness€. I thoroughly believe that Chivalric martial culture is a valid, relevant philosophy for Strong, Modern men and Women, and the SCA gives us the ability to explore these concepts in a safe, nurturing atmosphere. Many people have caught me saying the phrase €œBlessed is a life in Harness€, and I truly believe that. If you are interested in what that means, feel free to contact me! I also have been known to play the fiddle, saz, or other odd stringed instruments. I am particularly interested in Turkish Musical theory. I find it altogether fascinating. Feel free to contact me, challenge me to a fight, or give me chocolate chip cookies!