Rin Ravenfoe

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Brad Faith
Elevated by: Duke Palymar
Elevation Date: 1998-03-13

Chieftain of a small but fierce Tribe that dwells in the forested hills north of Emain Macha, 1st century Ireland. His Tribe are a respected cattle people, renounced hunters, and known through out Erin and beyond for their Bards,storytellers, and forest seers. He was given the name Ravenfoe as a child for the long hours he spent protecting the planting fields with light throwing spears. Legend has it that he spent so much time alone in the woods and fields, that he learned to understand the language of crow and raven. Rin Ravenfoe is a member of the famed Red Branch. A pledged warrior to the King at Emain Macha, sworn to the people and the land.