Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthus

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Jim Bollinger
Elevated by: Dag & Anne Marie
Elevation Date: 2007-08-09

I fight for the honor of Countess Ceinwen ferch Elidure O'Denbeigh.

My awards & honors are as listed in chronological order:

Award of Arms

Order of the Chalice (Barony of Roaring Wastes)

Order of the Red Company

Baron's Favor, with 10 Koku (Barony of Roaring Wastes)

Order of the Winged Trine (Barony of the Cleftlands)

Queen's Guard (Queen Guenievre)

Standard Bearer (Barony of the Cleftlands)

Award of the Doe's Grace (Queen Guenievre)

Order of the Gold Mace

Midrealm Ranger (Woods Battle's - Pennsic XXXV)

Order of the Chivalry (204th Knight of the Midrealm, 1686th Knight of the Society)


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