Nicholas of Wicklow

Order of the Chivalry

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Modern Name: Tom Bolenbaugh
Elevated by: Cellach and Vukasin
Elevation Date: 2014-04-19
Squire of: William of Fairhaven

I joined the Society in the fall of 1989, in the Marche of the Unicorn of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon, where I still reside.

I have served our Barony as its 14th Champion. I served as King's Champion to his Excellency Peiter van Doorn. My lady wife, Her Excellency Soffya von Kulp, and I served as Baron and Baroness of Flaming Gryphon, the third to serve in that capacity. We remain Baron and Baroness of the Court.

I received the Accollade of Knighthood during the reign of Cellach and Vukasin.

My persona is that of an Irish Viking, born in County Wicklow and living around 1000 CE.

I value a wide range of skills. I challenge others not to stay in their familiar niche, but to see what other things the Society has to offer. Fight different styles, try different arts, do service in new ways.

Honor in all things.