Iri Lutrson inn Stafndrengr

Order of the Chivalry

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Modern Name: Jason Coffey
Elevated by: Edmund & Kateryn
Elevation Date: 2016-09-24
Squire of: Lutr Ulfskjald

I portray a 9th century Norsemen gone viking throughout northern Europe originating in Sweden. I have earned two blood names in my fighting career: Stafndrengr and Svintonn. Ask me about them when next we meet.


Squired to Earl Lutr Ulfskjald who was squired to Sir Bonar of Chadwick who was squired to Sir Amaranth who was squired to none.


  • Award of Arms
  • Order of the Red Company
  • Captain of the Gold Mace
  • Dragons Teeth x3 (2 w/ House Stahlgeist, 1 w/ Sjarulf)
  • Award of the Grove - Troth-Heim
  • Purple Fret
  • Knight of the Society

Commander of the South Oaken Army