Berach de Winterbourne

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Scott Finke
Elevated by: David & Tangwistl

I received my Arms from King Alen & Queen Genevieve in 1983 , and was admitted to the Orders of the Willow, Silver Oak, Kings Chalice & Dragon€™s Heart by their heirs. My Baron & Baroness recognized me with membership in the Orders of the Flaming Brand, Gryphon€™s Plume, Gryphon€™s Spear and the Sable Shield. Twice the Ladies of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon chose me as their Champion and it was my honor to serve them. In 1987 King Emrys & Queen Emmelyne presented me the lands of Flaming Gryphon to hold in fief as Baron. King David & Queen Tangwystl offered me the accolade of knighthood in 1991 delivering the buffet - and charging me to my duty. After the reigns of 34 monarchs I stepped down as Landed Baron and relinquished those duties to my heirs. Now I am a Baron of the Court and divide my time between Tournaments, serving their majesties in Wars and Buhorts and the service of my Lady, the sweet Myfanwy of Ceredigion.