Juliana Peri da Novellara
(Clothing Construction & Finishing)
Julia Needlman
1027 N. Marshfield
Chicago, IL  60622
julianeedlman {at} sbcglobal {dot} net
Date of elevation: 17 Jan, 1998

I consider myself a researcher and creator of historical clothing.  As such, I am enthralled with any information about clothing’s structure or nature.  I have also accumulated access to a lot of beautiful fabric and decoration material sources; if you are having problems finding something --ask me.  ‘Real’ fabric may cost a little more but it will make itself into great clothing.  Never underestimate the wisdom and value of ancient craftsmanship, the lessons that we learn from the past not only challenge our present they also inspire our future.

 My claim to fame in the SCA is being one of the founding members of the Silver Thimble Guild for Conspicious Consumption. Based in Tree-Girt-Sea, our motto’s are: Instant Gratification is Just Not Fast Enough & More is More. The Guild is open for expansion; talk to me about starting group in your area or come and visit.

I have a new mundane web site: wwwjulianeedlman.com  Please give it a look.

Call: 773-750-2180 or e-mail: julianeedlman@sbcglobal.net