John Inchingham
(Bardic, Entertainment/Foolery)
Steve Katlack
709 East Frye
Peoria, IL  61603
(309) 685-5329
inchingham {at} hotmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Tarquin and Aibhilin
Date of elevation: 10 Feb, 1996
apprenticed to: John ap Wynne
Baron John of Illiton (Master John Inchingham the Fool), OL, OP, former Middle Kingdom Rapier Marshal, former apprentice of Master John ap Wynne, and wayward squire of Sir Ixtilixochitl, joined the SCA in Ansteorra but has lived in the Midrealm for the past 26 years. John and his Lady-wife, Mistress Maire ingen Dauith, are currently baron and baroness of Illiton (Peoria, Illinois). They reside with their son, Duncan; their daughter, The Honorable Lady Ynes de Jaen and her husband, Sir Seto Gesshuko.

Master Cerian Cantwr was John's apprentice and Masters Torquil MacGillavrey and Philippe de Lyon were his proteges. Lord David de Longville was also apprenticed to John until his untimely death. Master Inchingham's current apprentices are Master Alexander de Seton, Lord Olaf ByGolly, Master Dahrien Cordell, The Honorable Lady Lorelei Skye, Dame Marie la Fauconniere, Lady Tualaith of Sternfeld and The Honorable Lady Heregyth Ketilsdottir. His current proteges are The Honorable Lady Catalin Zoldzem, The Honorable Lord Simon Hondy and Lord Kurro Ookami.