Gwyneth Banfhidhleir
(Cookery), OL, OP
Ginny Beatty
Columbus, OH  43220
mizginny {at} yahoo {dot} com
Elevated by: Osis & Valthiona
Date of elevation: 16 Aug, 1995
apprenticed to: Alexis, Audelindis

Personal Motto: Fides, Pertinacia, et Ignis (Faith, Determination, and Fire)

Biographical Information:

Residence: Tirnewydd, Barony of Middle Marches

Major field of study: Cookery.

Other interests: Costuming (all styles), Feast Logistics, Event Planning, Central Asian culture, Middle Eastern dance, Historic Rapier. I like to learn about everything!


  • Sisterhood of the Gilded Bee-Rose Chapter. Sponsored Virture: Honor
  • Team Anubis - cooking squad


  • Mistress Alexis MacAlister of Beverlay (OL, OP)/Audelindis de Rheims, OL
  • Countess Elizabeth Karien of the Four Winds, OL
  • Mistress Alexandra Illyana Fedorovna of Novgorod, OL


Baroness Artemesia Grimaldi (Diana Trame)

Evergreen, GoA (w/ Dragon Crest), Dragon's Heart, Court Baroness, King's Chalice, Willow, Purple Fret (x2), Doe's Grace, Purple Fretty, Royal Augmentation

Interests: Cookery, Costuming, 14th c Stuff

Location: Barony of Fenix, (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Lady Olaz Erzebet

Interest: cooking

Location: Atenveldt

HL Bran Eogan Steelewolfe (Beau Burkett) , Barony of Castlemere, Kingdom of Trimaris - GOA, Golden Galleon (Jacksonville, FL).

Interest: cooking

Rebbah Amari Bat Abraham (Jen Larsen)

Location: Winged Hills (Dayton, OH), Midrealm - Willow, Purple Fret

Interests: Cooking, Baking, misc. arts

Past apprentices recognized as Peers:
  • Baroness Rochelle de Marseille, OL
  • Baroness Francesca Onorati, OP
  • Master Malaechi Wolfhart, OP

Offices Held:

  • A&S Criteria Coordinator

    Regional MOA: Oaken region, 1993-1995

  • Pursuivant: March of the Unicorn (1983-1986), Barony Flaming Gryphon (1985-1987)
  • Chronicler: Fenix (1986)

Kingdom Honors and Awards:
  • Pelican, 9/5/2009, Eikbrandr/Runa 
  • Laurel, 8/16/95, Osis/Valthiona
  • Court Baroness, 3/1/97 Osis/Caitlin
  • Dragon's Heart, 5/23/2009 Eikbrandr/Runa
  • GoA, 2/28/98 Palymar III/Aislinn
  • Cavendish Knot 1/11/14 - Cellach/Vukasin
  • Willow 11/2/91 (A.S. 26) Comar/Lisa II
  • Principality Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald) 5/93 (A.S. 28) Karl/Leia
  • Dragon's Teeth (Angry Birds Pelican Rapier Unit - Pennsic 46) - 2017
  • Grove (Team Anubis) - 2014 (Cellach/Vukasin)
  • Purple Fretty (x2) - 11/2/1996 (Osis/Caitlin - Crown Tournament Feast Crew), 8/7/2008 (Lutr/Tessa - Gilded Bees)
  • Purple Fret, 6/23/90 (A.S. 25) - Comar/Lisa
  • AoA, 3/21/84, Alen/Genevieve

    Baronial Awards

    • Flaming Brand (Flaming Gryphon) - service
    • Gryphon's Plume (Flaming Gryphon)- arts
    • Gilded Reed (Middle Marches)- arts
    • Pillar of the March (Middle Marches) - Arts exemplar
    • Warden of the Middle Marches - rapier
    • Watchful Tower - Middle Marches - service to the barony