Anthoinette de Martel (Fishing)
Antoinette Martell
3412 Wirt Rd
Mason, MI  48854
Tonimartell {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Cellach and Vukasin
Date of elevation: 29 Mar, 2014
apprenticed to: odo de Eu

Anthoinette de Martel lives in Southern France on her estate.  Her husband is mostly off fighting in some battle or another leaving her to the management of the estate.  She has great help. Although she loves clothes, her favorite pastime is fishing.

Antoinette Martell is interested in what ever catches and holds her fancy. Generally one interest stems from another.  Embroidery leads to embroidered book covers, leads to book binding, leads to glue.  Of primary interest is medieval recreational fishing, the old texts of fishing, the methods of fishing, the equipment and fishing with our youth.  This interest came together in the the publication of Because I Am A Fisher in 2012.