Felice Debbage
(European Dance), Court Baroness
Sarah "Felice" Cordingley
5193 Hitesman Way
Columbus, OH  43214
felicedebbage {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Dag and Anne Marie
Date of elevation: 23 Feb, 2013
apprenticed to: Student of Philip White

Felice studies, researches, and teaches European dance, and she is particularly interested in 16th century improvisational dances, such as the canary and galliard. She especially loves working with people who claim to have "two left feet."

Felice is also currently studying late 16th century European costuming and basket weaving, but she willingly admits she has a long way to go in both areas. ;-)

Sarah Cordingley teaches AP English at the South-Western Career Academy in Grove City, Ohio. She is also a professional choreographer who has worked on eleven musicals. She lives in Clintonville, Ohio with her husband, son, and more than enough cats.