Crespine de la Vallée
(16th c. Tailoring, Needle Arts, Laundress Studies)
Nira Lys Morning
Covington, KY  
niralys {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Savaric and Julianna
Date of elevation: 29 Sep, 2012
apprenticed to: (student of) Philip White

Current Students: Her Excellency Genoveva von Lubeck, C.E. (16th c. German clothing, research) 

Current Obsessions: Researching education and literacy in 16th century Italy, particularly the education of girls and women; translating 16th century Italian "Books of Secrets" and attempting to recreate the soap recipes exactly. SOOOOAAAAP!  

Things I do:  I focus primarily on creating historically accurate, hand-sewn clothing, tailoring and counted thread embroidery (a.k.a. Blackwork), as well as the making and laundering of late 16th century Ruffs. Contrary to normal usage, "laundering" here specifically refers to the finishing treatments, like starching and setting, glossing, pressing, etc..  I am currently working on period soap-making from various cultures, teaching myself early modern Italian, and translating treatises.

Things I also do or am working on: Starch production; textiles; Italian drawnwork (punto tirata); fingerloop braids and their use in garment trim; buttons; 16th century economy and professional roles of women; cardboard... If someone is sufficiently enthusiastic about something which I've never considered, I'll probably become interested and enthusiastic about it, too.  I like period cooking, although it is not something I pursue with any seriousness.

Things I'm thinking about doing, but haven't done yet: making my own shoes, perfumes and cleaning agents; making a violin (and learning to play it!); making French sparkling wines.