Tyzes Sofia called Zsof
(Theatre and Performing Arts)
Karoline Kramer Gould
zsofsky {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: EikBrandr II & Runa II
Date of elevation: 24 Sep, 2011

Zsof is a 10th Century Magyar. Her areas of study include the bardic arts and theatre during the SCA time period. Best known for her work with the Known World Players, the theatre troupe she and Baroness Mica founded in 2000, she now focuses much of her time on in persona storytelling.


Mistress Elizabethe Alles, O.P. (elevated 8/16)

Mistress Suba al-Hadid, O.P.�

Cpt. Kari Garanhirsson

Lady Lasair Inghen U h'Airt

Lord Drake Oranwood

Mistress Lucia Elena Braganza (elevated 9/17)

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