Ilaria degli Attavante
Miranda L Hvinden
10963 W M Ave
Kalamazoo, MI  49009
hvindenm {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Martino and Ariel
apprenticed to: Mistress Cassandra di Capaletti

Greetings!  My interests in the Society include illumination, sewing, cooking, and studying the Italian Renaissance.  I have lived in three Kingdoms (Northshield, Calontir, and the Middle Kingdom) since I became a member of the Society.  Currently, I reside in the Canton of Three Hills (Richland, MI).  

 My journey in the scribal arts (for which I was asked to join the Order of the Laurel) began after I viewed the Middle Kingdom's Great Book at a ToC many years ago.  I wanted to learn how to make pictures as beautiful as the ones in the book.  Since then, I have made many award scrolls, and I have taught classes on De Arte Illuminandi, gilding, painting 15th Century Italian flowers, painting 12th and 14th Century styles, how to add heraldic elements to scrolls, and creating period Grants, Writs, and legal documents.  I have served the Kingdom of Calontir as being the Royal Scribe for two Reigns (organizer of AoA production in the Kingdom) and as Falcon Signet (scribal coordinator for the Kingdom). 

As to my other interests, you will often see me in 15th Century Florentine clothing (my favorite style), but I've also experimented in 10th Century Norse, 16th century German, and 14th century English clothing.  As for SCA cooking, I have volunteered for numerous feasts, helping in the kitchen as needed, and I've been feast steward for two events. 

 I am new to the Middle Kingdom (I moved here in May of 2009), so please introduce yourself to me if you see me at an event.  I look forward to meeting many new people!