Tonis van Driele
(Bardic Arts)
Stephen Hoogerwerf
2771 Solidago Dr
Plainfield, IN  46168
mastertonis {at} yahoo {dot} com
Elevated by: Eduard Gostomski I and Asa Hraffnsdottir I of Atenveldt
Date of elevation: 24 Jul, 2005

Joined the SCA in 1994 while living in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson, AZ), Kingdom of Atenveldt and relocated to the Shire of Qu al Jafar (Lebanon, IN area) in 2007.

 Atenveldt does not specify a laurel's field of elevation but it is widely accepted that mine was for Bardic Performance and promotion of the Bardic Arts.

 Squired to Herzog Sir Matthias von Leuwenburg (currently in West Kingdom).  Returned my belt when I was elevated to the Order of the Laurel.

 Best known for running the annual Crystal Flute Bardic & Crystal Fruit Filk competitions at Estrella War as well as being one of the founding (and current) members of the singing group, The Whiskey Bards.

 Favorite catch phrase:  "Bards have no ego."

** more to come **