Emmelyne de Marksbury
(Narrow Wares)
Cindy Myers
Loveland, OH  45140
(513) 697-7918
emmelyne {at} silkewerk {dot} com
Elevated by: Brannos II and Rebekah II
Date of elevation: 05 Feb, 2005
apprenticed to: Maistre Emrys Eustace (Broom)

Current Classes:

Netting and Hairnets
Silk Reeling
Accessorize your Documents with Tags and Seals
Were Tabletwoven Edgings Really Tabletwoven?
Fingerloop Braiding (beginner, advanced, muti-person...)

(I'm also happy to help one-on-one with spindle spinning, plying on a spindle, fiber prep, and various tablet weaving topics.)

Silkewerk.com has a little bit of information on silk and netting. I hope to update it with more as I have time.