Helewyse de Birkestad
(Cookery & Pottery), OP, RSL, CW, PF, AoA
Louise Smithson
20 S Reedwood
Joliet, IL  60436
419 509 1964
helewyse {at} yahoo {dot} com
Elevated by: Felix and Madeleina
Date of elevation: 25 Sep, 2004
apprenticed to: Master Hroar Stormgengr

Home group: Barony of Ayreton, former landed Baroness of Red Spears (still a special place in my heart).

Personal: I play with both pottery and food spending much of my time translating recipes from Italian to English. �My other interests include brewing meads and ales although I have far more experience with the former than the latter.� Some of my research is now available through medieval cookery.� http://www.medievalcookery.com/helewyse Much of my recent work can be found in google docs by following the link provided : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwlUX9M2aVZ_ZDBVa3FGcHZhZ00?usp=sharing

Current projects: Settling into my new home in IL and the Barony of Ayreton. Continuing my work on Scappi although a translation has been published in January of 2009, but not to mind there are lots and lots more untranslated Italian works to play with.�
Recent exploits include experiments with 16th century Japanese ceramics.

Apprenti - if you think you'd like them to teach at your event contact me.� I have some influence :-):

Lady Ulfheidhr Vigdisar dottir - my first apprentice, specializing in jewelry and bead making.� Residing in Michigan near the Shire of Talonvale.� Not currently active.

Lady Vashty bat Abraham - specializing in brewing (sodas) and cooking (middle eastern) with some distractions in costuming, inkle weaving and more. Residing in Red Spears, will teach and assist on request only.�

Lord Godfrey Thacker of Northumberland - a very talented generalist, brewing (mead and beer), cooking, armor making, sewing, wood work, casting, C&I, etc. etc.� Deceased.

Lord Eoghan o Siodhachain -� major interest brewing beer and mead, turns out he's interested in baking, cheesemaking, leather working, armoring and some other stuff too.� Currently living in Florida and soon moving to China. Not pursuing SCA activities currently. �

Lady Gwenllian verch Rhydderch Annwyl - another jewelry apprentice, specializing in enamelling and medeival jewelery.� Located in Red Spears. 

Lord Angelo�Di�Antonio�Machiavelli - my newest cookery apprentice, done some awesome work cooking feasts in the field. Located in the Shire of Talonvale. Pursuing mundane activiites currently. 


�THL Gilebert le Braceeur squire to Count Alaric le Fevre.� My first ceramics student. Exploring ceramic forms and period production technology.