Johann von Metten
(Animal Husbandry), OSB, CPF, OSO, OW
Marcus Loidolt
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Indianapolis, IN  46226
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Elevated by: Edmund III & Kateryn III
Date of elevation: 31 Mar, 2001
apprenticed to: Audelindis de Rheims

Animal Husbandry, Monastic Studies

Johann is an 8th century Benedictine monk of Metten Abbey, but attached to the Imperial Court of Charlemagne.

He is often seen traveling about as an envoy between Aachen, Rome and Constantinople.

He is  a widower with a large extended family of many daughters and grandchildren.

He has served as Herald, Chatelain,  now MoAS for his local group

He as also had the priviledge to serve as an A&S judge for many years.