Charles Oakley
(Woodworking), O.L.,O.P., Sargant of the Red Company
Elevated by: TRM Finn & Tamara
Date of elevation: 30 Oct, 1999
apprenticed to: Talbot McTaggart


Motto: L'Honneur avant des Honneurs


Home Group: Barony of Illiton (Midlands)


Apprentices: Let's see... there's Conal (woodworking) out in Oaken, Berengaria (pottery and misc. arts) down in Shattered Crystal, Capt. Rhys (woodworking) up in Pentemere, Ian the Fariner (woodworking and B&V) in West Kingdom. I've got Ivor Grubb from the Springfield, Ill. area who's a student in leatherwork and progressing to apprentice status quickly and Corin who's also into the leather thing and just diggin' what he's doing...


Personal stuff: Other interests include pewter casting, leatherwork and heavy weapons fighting... and a variety of other things. Published plans for various projects can be found at:



(The site is temporarily down... ) As always, all plans and articles are copyright free for SCA and personal use,


Have fun... make stuff...

Sgt. Chas.