Llewellyn ap Teirnon
(Cookery and Research)
Mike Hobbs
1204 E Ohio St
Indianapolis, IN  46202
llewhobbs {at} gmail {dot} com
Elevated by: Ragnvaldr & Arabella
Date of elevation: 19 Aug, 1999
apprenticed to: Judith of Kirtland

Llewellyn is a Master Cook currently working in the kitchens of the Cardinal of Siena. A bastard son of Owynn ap Gruffydd, last independent Prince of Wales, he and his mother fled to France after the end of the English Wars of Aggression ended up with the involuntary annexation of Wales to the Kingdom of England. He learned his art in the royals kitchens of France and followed his patron to Siena when he was appointed Cardinal-Archbishop.

 Mike Hobbs is a stockbroker living with his husband, Jim, in Indianapolis in a VERY large Victorian house that is taking forever to renovate. In addition to Jim, they have a Giant Schnauzer, Apollo, a tiny mutt named Speck and three cats, Fubar, Wingnut and Widget.