Mistress Catherine Oakley
(14th Century Clothing), Baroness of the Court
Valerie Winkler
308 Santa Fe Trail
(309) 383-4157
Elevated by: Felix and Madeleina
Date of elevation: 19 Aug, 2004
apprenticed to: Emrys Eustace
was last known to be Active and living in Middle Kingdom

Mistress Catherine Margaret Oakley (whom everyone calls Cate) is an Englishwoman living with her husband Charles at his woodland estate Rivendale, north of London, during the reign of Richard II. She is a former Baroness of Illiton, now Baroness of the Court. Her chief skill is the making of clothing and household accoutrements, specializing in 13th and 14th century Western Europe. She also dabbles in embroidery and other needle arts, and works in her garden when she has the time.

Valerie (Val) Winkler is a retired Navy officer who lives in the countryside near Peoria, IL with her husband James (J.R.), too many computers, a high tech kitchen, three unfinished novels and a small rose garden she is unreasonably proud of. She took up scuba diving in August 2006, which makes one more hobby she doesn't have enough time for. She is currently inactive in the SCA but keeps in touch as well as she can.