Baron Carlo dalla Casa
(Music & Commedia del'Arte), O.P.
Charles E. Hughes
21 Heather Drive
Elevated by: Corin I & Myfanwy I
Date of elevation: 25 Jun, 1983
was last known to be Active and living in Middle Kingdom

Carlo dalla Casa is a 16th century musician who has retired to Italy to share his music with hes friends and family.  His travels and studies have allowed him to collect  a great diversity of Wind and Consort instruments along with a notable library of music, that occupy his later years.  Although his travelling days as a musician are past, he is always a willing performer when opportunities offer themselves. 


Laurel    1983-06-25 
    Pelican   1990-01-13 
    Court     1985-08-17 
    ODH       1987-10-24 
    OW        1982-11-20 
    APF       1984-05-27 
    ADG       1989-08-17 
    APF       1991-08-15 
    ORC       2002-05-26 
    AOA       1981-06-27