Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Elevated by: Tarquin and Aibhilin
Date of elevation: 20 Apr, 1996
was last known to be Active and living in Ealdormere
Other interests: Costume, pewter casting, calligraphy and illumination, and archery. Also available to help with writing and editing of articles. Currently serving as editor of Tournaments Illuminated. Other Honors: Order of the Dragon's Heart 13 Sep, 1997 (A.S. 32) Order of the Willow 30 Sep, 1995 (A.S. 30) Award of the Purple Fret 24 Apr, 1993 (A.S. 27) Award of the Purple Fret 14 Oct, 2000 (A.S. 35) Order of the Dragon's Barb 15 Aug, 2002 (A.S. 37) Award of Arms 04 Apr, 1992 (A.S. 26)