Meistara Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Broberg
(Music & Norse Clothing), OL & OP
Terry A. Broberg-Swangin
2802 Trentman Ave.
Elevated by: Tarquin I & Aibhilin I
Date of elevation: 18 Nov, 1995
apprenticed to: John ap Wynne
was last known to be Inactive and living in the Middle Kingdom

The Honorable Meistara Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Broberg was a wealthy 9th century Norse landowner living outside of Birka in Sweden with her husband The Honorable Lord Thorkel Gormsson called The Berserker. Meistara Thorhalla is noted in Middle Kingdom legend as "The Pit Bull of the Arts and Sciences", a term coined by Lord Charric van der Vliet. 

Terry Broberg-Swangin is the full-time caregiver for her husband Calvin, who has chronic traumatic encephalopathy (C.T.E.) with dementia. She has assumed an advocacy role and become "The Pit Bull of C.T.E."  

 When Terry has free time, she enjoys crochet, genealogical research, and her three grandchildren.